Frequently Asked Questions

You’re bound to have some questions if you decide you’d like to hire one of our escorts to your room for a thrilling session of adult entertainment. Here are some questions previous clients have asked us over the phone when booking an appointment or via email to help give you some answers.

How Much Will My Session Cost With An Escort In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas escort prices vary depending on the services you desire. They also fluctuate depending on the exact escort you request. If she is in high demand, she is likely to have a somewhat higher pricing structure than a coworker who has just started on the job. We suggest asking us at the time of your booking about pricing, so you are prepared. This takes away guesswork should you decide to add on features after your escort arrives.

Should I Tip My Escort?

If you are pleased with the service your Sin City escort provides, she will most definitely appreciate any tip that you award to her. You are charged for the services you receive upfront without a tip included in the pricing. A tip is not required, but it is certainly accepted.

Can More Than One Person Hire An Escort?

Our escorts are not at all shy about performing for more than one person at a time. If you have a friend who would enjoy adult entertainment with you, the escort you hire will service both of you during the session. This may require an additional fee, so be sure to ask at the time of booking. We have several clients that hire our entertainers as escorts for couples sessions. Our escorts are also available for parties of all types.

Do You Have Escorts For Couples In Las Vegas?

We certainly do! Our Las Vegas girls are working independently so they completely control the services on offer, and many of them prefer working with couples. They all enjoy having fun with couples who enjoy indulging in strip clubs! You can party and then go back to your Vegas hotel for some lady play, or some other adult entertainment. Just ask about our escorts who specialize in couples, and you will be sure to have the experience you are looking for.

Can I Drink Or Smoke Weed With My Escort?

Many of our escorts are more than happy to join in with alcohol or recreational 420/smoking usage with clients. If you know you wish to partake in one of these indulgences, ask your escort in advance if she would enjoy the action with you. If you are worried about hiring an escort who prefers not to drink or smoke, let us know during your scheduling session, and we will point you to one of our employees more suitable for your date.

Is The Process Of Hiring Escorts To Your Room Safe?

Hiring one of our gorgeous women to come to your hotel room is the safest way to enjoy adult entertainment. We are a legitimate business with a high reputation. Our girls know the importance of discretion and their safety is their highest priority.

My Friend Doesn’t Speak English And Wants To Hire An Escort. Do You Have Accommodations For This?

We have several escorts that work for us that speak more than one language. Give us a call and let us know the language your friend speaks, and we will match him with an escort he can understand perfectly.

Can I Have Sex With My Escort?

Sexual intercourse with an escort for monetary exchange is illegal. Keep in mind, however, that if your escort and you hit it off, and she is willing to sleep with you without a payment being made, this is considered an action by two consenting adults, and not a business transaction. 

Do I Have To Stay In My Room With My Escort Or Can I Take Her Out First?

Our escorts love going out on the town with clients. In fact, going out for a bit before you spend time alone with your escort helps to set the mood and allows each of you to get to know each other better first. You’ll find when you get her back to your room, you’ll be more at ease and ready for fun.

What Happens If I’m Not Happy With My Escort Service?

We make every effort possible to ensure your date completely satisfies you. If, for some reason, you do not care for the girl we send, or if the service is inferior to what you had expected, please contact us, so we can come up with a solution to the situation. This may entail sending another escort to replace the one you have hired or setting up an additional session with another girl at another time.

How Much Notice Is Needed If I Want To Hire An Escort?

We have escorts available for hire around the clock. This means, that if you decide on a whim to hire one, we have one who will be sent to you immediately. If you have a particular girl in mind to hire, contact us as soon as possible, so we can alert you of her schedule. If she is available at that time, we can send her right away. If she is already booked, you can hold off on your date with her for a later time, or we can recommend another escort we believe you would enjoy spending time with.

Can I Change My Mind About The Services I Request?

When you hire an escort from us, your credit card information is taken, so we can charge you for the services you receive. We usually charge an hourly fee, as well as add-on features if applicable. If you decide to add on services, your escort will alert us, so we can charge your card appropriately. If you request a service and are charged for it at the time of booking, and you decide to forego this service, your escort will make sure your card is credited.